Ecogensia is the brand name of our online store.

The gradual decline of the high street and the demise of many traditional brick-and-mortar businesses has resulted in an increasing demand for good-quality online retailers. It is projected that 15% of all retail sales will be transacted online by 2020.

In fact, the PC-based e-commerce business that has been dominant up to now is being supplanted by so-called m-commerce where more and more consumers are demanding the facility to make purchases on their mobile devices while they are out and about. There are many challenges to the efficient implementation of this 'frictionless' commerce, not least of all the reduction of the number of actions that a consumer is obliged to take between the decision to buy and the actual purchase.

The average adult is now spending two hours every day engaged on social platforms. Much of that time is spent looking for shopping ideas, largely based upon the experiences of other consumers. Much of the reason for this trend is that consumers are being so bombarded by online advertising that they are tuning out altogether. A recent consumer survey found that 76% of consumers thought that product reviews and associated content posted by fellow consumers was 'more honest' than advertising messages.

We are currently working on improving the mobile shopping experience for our customers as well as continuing to provide them with a stimulating 'traditional' desktop-based storefront.

We will continue sourcing products that enhance the lives of our customers and leave the smallest possible environmental footprints.

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