Traders & Investors Club

The Traders & Investors Club (TIC) was created in 2007 to provide education, mentoring and networking opportunities for private traders and investors.

From his personal experience, Kevin realised that we can no longer rely upon traditional investments such as endowment policies, managed funds and pension schemes to provide us with the financial security that is essential for our future. Due to hefty management fees and poor investment performance, many of the large investment companies produce paltry returns and often underperform the market.

TIC members are encouraged to take control of their own financial future by making their own investment decisions. This is facilitated through regular meetings, seminars, webinars and networking groups.

Over the years, we have been honoured to welcome many financial industry professionals, proprietary traders and published authors who have shared their experience and insights into the financial markets.

Just a few of the topics that have been covered include:

  • Technical Analysis and chart reading - how to identify the waxing and waning of fear and greed
  • How to hedge investments using options, CFDs, ETFs and financial spread betting
  • Futures and Commodities trading - why not invest in gold, oil, wheat and uranium?
  • Sector Rotation - Let the economic cycle tell you which stocks to buy and when
  • Foreign Exchange - trade the largest market in the world
  • Trading the global marketplace - when we're going down, other markets are going up
  • Financial Spread Betting - a tax-free way to play both sides of the market
  • Sports Betting Exchanges - you can be a bookmaker!
  • The psychology of investing - why traders lose and how they can be taught to win
  • Venture Capitalism & IPOs - why not invest in the next Yahoo?

For new traders and investors, we have promoted seminars  on such topics as:

  • SIPPs - could I really run my own personal pension?
  • Contracts For Difference - using CFDs to be in the market without owning the stock
  • Exchange Traded Funds - using ETFs for when you have a view on the market or a sector
  • Bonds - a safe haven from the stock market? Or not?
  • Day trading - too risky by far? You may be surprised
  • How to choose a broker - do you need advice, fast execution or the lowest commissions?
  • Financial websites - the cream of the crop and how to get the best out of them
  • Should I make a will? - how best to provide for your family's future
  • Property as an investment - is buy-to-let still a viable pension substitute?
  • How to switch your mortgage provider - are you wasting money every month?

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